Parts Washers

Enviroclean Automatic Parts Washers offer a 2-in-1 cold wash solution for all your parts cleaning needs: a fully automatic cycle when the lid is down; and a manual hand-wash brush system when the lid is up and safety locking bar engaged, operated simply through the same on-off switch.

Enviroclean Parts Washers provide effective cleaning of oil, grease and grime from internal and external parts, including transmissions, bearings, seals, housings, hydraulics, and even auto electrics.

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Enviroclean 600 parts Cleaner
Enviroclean 600

Basket size: 600mm
Fluid capacity: 130L
Power type: single phase
Internal Height Clearance: 450mm
Basket Weight Capacity: 300 kg

Enviroclean 900 parts Cleaner
Enviroclean 900

Basket size: 900mm
Fluid capacity: 200L
Power type: single phase & 3-phase options
Internal Height Clearance: 520mm
Basket Weight Capacity: 400 kg

Enviroclean 1200 parts Cleaner
Enviroclean 1200

Basket size: 1200mm
Fluid capacity: 300L
Power type: 3-phase
Internal Height Clearance: 560mm
Basket Weight Capacity: 500 kg

Enviroclean 1500 parts Cleaner
Enviroclean 1500

Basket size: 1500mm
Fluid capacity: 400L
Power type: 3-phase
Internal Height Clearance: 950mm
Basket Weight Capacity: 1000 kg

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