Features and Benefits



Cheaper to run

Operates cold - no heating costs, no waiting for it to heat up
Big savings on brake cleaner and other cleaning consumables

Better cleaning for longer

Uses narrow-cut kerosene to cut through oil and grease
Fluid remains clean for longer – few interruptions for servicing
Average service interval 6-monthly

No scale, no rust

No caustic - no white scale
Not water-based - won’t cause rust
Non-corrosive – no additional protective coating required

Recycling of used Parts Wash Fluid

All used parts-wash fluid is recovered and recycled through our purpose-built distiller, resulting
in cheaper fluid for you and less pollution and waste for the environment

Machine Features

  • 2-in-1 system for automatic and manual cleaning of parts
  • Controlled basket rotation and pressure jets provide focused clean
  • Wheels on units allow machines to be easily moved
  • Safety limit switch and safety locking bar

Enviroclean 600 parts Cleaner
Enviroclean 600
Enviroclean 900 parts Cleaner
Enviroclean 900
Enviroclean 1200 parts Cleaner
Enviroclean 1200
Enviroclean 1500 parts Cleaner
Enviroclean 1500