Cleaning Fluids

We use and recommend Enviroclean Parts Wash Fluid, a non-DG narrow cut kerosene.

Customised Options
When an alternative fluid is required by a customer, we have the flexibility to find a workable solution.

Other options available are:

  • Recosol 78 - a non-DG de-aromatised narrow cut kerosene
  • Enviroclean Low-foaming Degreaser - a specially formulated, biodegradable, water based option for situations where a solvent is unsuitable, eg in food handling equipment.

Systems available to meet your specific filtration requirements
Contact us to discuss your needs.

All used parts-wash fluid is recovered during servicing then recycled through our purpose-built distiller, resulting in cheaper fluid for you and less pollution and waste for the environment.

Recycling Enviroclean Fluid